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the dictionary of corporate bullshit an a to z lexicon of - the dictionary of corporate bullshit an a to z lexicon of empty enraging and just plain stupid office talk lois beckwith on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, bullshit a good word and a vital part of leadership john - bullshit a good word and a vital part of leadership john w wright on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers when you think of leadership you might think of motivation mentoring or coaching or maybe inspiring win one for the gipper speeches, an a z of modern office jargon money the guardian - it s time to drill down into steven poole s a z of office jargon you could be talking like a boardroom legend by end of play massive yield, kingdom of mapungubwe wikipedia - the kingdom of mapungubwe 1075 1220 was a pre colonial state in southern africa located at the confluence of the shashe and limpopo rivers south of great zimbabwe the name is derived from either venda or shona, assault weapon truth the facts about assault weapons - this site examines the facts statistics and history of semiautomatic assault weapons and differentiates between military style rifles and weapons of war, why do pointless jobs exist financial times - bullshit jobs provides a thought provoking examination of our working lives, check the tag on that indian story pihtawikosis n - stories and sayings attributed to native americans have been floating around probably since settlers stopped spending all of their time and energy on not dying i am not entirely certain why stories that never originated in any indigenous nation are passed around as native american legends, language acquisition device wikipedia - sources briscoe ted 2000 grammatical acquisition inductive bias and coevolution of language and the language acquisition device language, how kellyanne conway ushered in the era of alternative - alternative facts are not facts they are falsehoods chuck todd tells pres trump s counselor kellyanne conway this morning watch pic twitter com ao005dq13r meet the press meetthepress january 22 2017 for donald trump size matters most recently when it comes to discussion of his, big data are we making a big mistake financial times - big data is a vague term for a massive phenomenon that has rapidly become an obsession with entrepreneurs scientists governments and the media, the lousy linguist syncing vs synching - the commenters over at liberman s post apico labials in english all clearly prefer the spelling syncing but i find it just weird looking and find synching more betterer, budokai royale page 1403 dragon ball multiverse - an online comic dragon ball multiverse based on dbz, design thinking is kind of like syphilis it s contagious - design thinking is kind of like syphilis it s contagious and rots your brains this essay is long if it would be easier for you to read a pdf though one without images and video links for now you can down load it here, stop calling all criticism shaming slate magazine - most english speaking americans recognize that the words hating and hater have been overused for years now propped up like fluffy blankets to muffle a, vipassana a brutal but enlightening 10 days of silence - christina sarich if this sounds like heaven or hell to you you re right it s both, detroit become human funny tv tropes - a page for describing funny detroit become human detroit become human doesn t have the same amount of narmy hammy and melodramatic hysterics that the, 99 of the best intelligence resources some you ve - here s 99 of the best intelligence resources on the internet tradecraft sigint security intelligence foreign affairs and dead letter drops, the last ship season three episode ten scuttle - kara gets her mother and son all packed up she hands them off to jed chandler s father chandler s kids are worried that their father is in trouble but she assures them that she will update them later